Part 1 of The Fearless Monkey is called Look Before You Leap and to make sure you get a real opportunity to look we are giving away the Introduction and Chapter 2, Rules and Wisdom.




























Just click on the pdf below to access your free copy.


And why chapter 2? Well, it was a difficult decision to make, so we used the exercise described at the end of chapter 6. We hope you enjoy it.


        Thank you for visiting the website and for your interest in The Fearless Monkey. It’s been quite a journey! Throughout the journey I have checked where I am.  Am I just following or am I thinking for myself? I have followed often, only to realise I am not going in the right direction and need to start thinking for myself again.  
I live what I write about, so I am often a monkey and sometimes a king. It is very exciting to share this with you.



         'Think For Yourself. And Do What Matters.'


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