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Why there are no '7 Steps to Success'

For every life lesson, you can come up with exceptions or opposing lessons. ‘Haste makes waste’ versus ‘The first blow is half the battle’ is just one example.

The art of life, and the art of leadership, is in applying the right insight at the right time. It’s helpful to be aware of these contradictions, because it allows you to make conscious decisions and learn from the results.

Still, it’s not just about finding the right maxim for a specific situation. It all depends on what you want to achieve. We are all looking to act more efectively: in accordance with our own goals, insights and desires. Even disappointing results provide an opportunity to strengthen what you and your organisation are about.

I am convinced that with this approach you will become more successful, in the broad sense of the word: achieving greater profit for the organisation and improving the society around it.

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